October 2 & 3, 2019 @ AOPA KFDK

Accelerate your CFI Mastery​ with
SAFE's CFI-PROficiency ​Workshop

There is something for every aviation educator at our CFI-PRO™ ​workshop on October 2-3, 2019 at AOPA (KFDK). If you are new to aviation education, this ​learning opportunity will accelerate your mastery and proficiency. If you have been in the business forever, th​e networking and exciting new ideas will invigorate you and fire up your passion for education again. ​​

The CFI-PRO workshop is our best people sharing best practices in aviation education. ​Master Instructors (and National CFIs of the Year) Rich StowellDoug Stewart and Hobie Tomlinson will be presenting! 

​We offer two amazing days of classes, seminars, and networking from the industry’s best educators for only $375. The flight portion is optional and available in your plane at an additional charge. There will be a keynote dinner​ (included) on ​Wednesday at the National Aviation Community Center ​so you can network with your peers and meet the AOPA team. Discount hotels have been arranged for this event!

​​​​We are specifically targeting the “persistent problem” of LOC-I in general aviation and the need for "student-focused instruction​." The solution is to improve CFI ​educational skills and drill down and improve fundamental flying skills. ​Professional educators connect and motivate their clients and encourage ​them practice out of their “comfort zone​” (SAFE ​resources) becoming "lifetime learners."

​​Our curriculum includes a syllabus of "Ex​tended Envelope Maneuvers" from respected and award-winning instructors to rebuild skills and set a new standard of competence in our aviation community. ​These adapt​ concepts and best practices from upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) programs for use in normal and utility category aircraft. This approach allows instructors to lay a solid foundation for UPRT that is scalable to every flight school with trained CFI-PRO™ instructors. Join our CFI-PRO™ team and move the needle on aviation safety and educational professionalism.

SAFE's CFI-PRO™ Inspiration 

​The original inspiration for this program is the 20 year old Orlando FSDO CFI Special Emphasis Program which in ​only two years was able to reduce instructional accidents in their very busy flight district by an astounding 60%. Elevating aviator excellence has a proven effect on safety and ​pilot quality. We want to scale this to ​our entire pilot population ​by improving ​aviation educators (SAFE mission).

SAFE's CFI-PRO™ Clinic - Closing the Gap Between "Good to Great!"

Our 80% drop-out rate in aviation education has become an accepted embarrassment we live with instead of fix. A comprehensive AOPA study identified the CFI as the key reason flight students either stay and succeed or abandon their dreams. As in LOC-I,  the aviation educator is the “i​n​flection point” we need to address and improve. This program will include resources to improve your educator effectiveness​ (SAFE Resources) and thus reach every pilot flying.

Join us at AOPA (KFDK) and close the gap between “good to GREAT!” Become a SAFE CFI-PRO

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