October 2 & 3, 2019 @ AOPA KFDK

Accelerate your CFI Mastery​ with
SAFE's CFI-PROficiency ​Workshop

Professional development is essential in aviation. ​And there is something for every aviation educator at our CFI-PRO™ ​​Workshop ​(October 2-3, 2019 at AOPA ​KFDK). ​Whether you are new to aviation education (even working on a CFI) or a seasoned veteran, this ​learning opportunity will reinvigorate your teaching and accelerate your mastery and proficiency with new ideas and techniques. ​

​Share experiences and learn from Master Instructors (and National CFIs of the Year) Rich StowellDoug Stewart and Hobie TomlinsonAlso presenting are Mike McCurdy (IFR6), Ken Wittekiend (ProMark Aviation), Billy Winburn (Community Aviation) and David St. George (MCFI/DPE and SAFE director)

​​Join us for two amazing days of classes, seminars, and networking from the industry’s best educators for only $375. (SAFE is an educational not-for-profit) ​Additionally, your ​contribution includes your lunch ​and a ​networking dinner​ on ​Wednesday at the National Aviation Community Center ​​You will have an opportunity to tour AOPA and meet their educational team. Discount hotels and shuttles from the airport ​are available for this event!

​SAFE's ​has a proven 10-year record of raising CFI professionalism; we need better CFIs to make better pilots. ​Improving the "influencers" in aviation​ improves *all* pilots by extension. ​We will also focus on "student-​centered instruction​​" ​​or why 4 out of 5 students quit training.

​T​his workshop will also include​ a ​catalog​ of "Ex​tended Envelope Maneuvers" ​designed to rebuild basic skills and ​​​move pilots out of their narrow (and dangerous) "comfort zone."​ T​he majority of pilots only fly (and train) in ​<10% of the flight envelope. ​These limited pilots are vulnerable to LOC-I when displaced by an emergency or upset.  As DPEs ​also see fewer student pilots ​familiar with turning stalls (a standard maneuver available in the private ACS) on checkrides. We know this comes from ​their CFIs. ​​We need instructors learning and spreading ​"​Extended ​Envelope ​Maneuvers" to ​expand their proficiency and confidence thereby reducing LOC-I accidents. ​

​We are very please to add Mike McCurdy and Billy Winburn to the workshop demonstrating the creative use of simulators in both initial training and ​for maintaining lifelong proficiency. The original SAFE Pilot P​roficiency Project has become a national year-round initiative with Proficiency 365​; FAA WINGS credit with simulator scenarios.

​ Attending CFI-PRO™ qualifies for FAA Master W​INGS credit.

                  SAFE CFI-PRO™ Workshop       
                          Creating Excellent Aviation Educators
                                      October 2–3, 2019, Frederick, MD (KFDK)

                     "THE FIRST FIVE HOURS"
​What ​instructors should focus on early and often during training that would serve their students
well throughout their flying careers​. Methods and techniques for effective education and retention.
          Overarching Themes
✈ Emphasizing the fundamentals / manual (stick ​and rudder) skills and PIC authority
✈ Highlighting the connections between concepts, maneuvers, techniques
✈ Striving for consistent use of correct terminology and verified resources
✈ Promoting the teaching of proper technique early vs. trying to correct poor technique later
✈Pushing learning to the correlation level and encouraging lifelong learning
✈Developing metacognition and mindfulness

          Agenda – Day One  
0800–0830 Registration Carbs and Coffee supplied
0830–0845 Opening remarks by David St. George and Rich Stowell
0845–0925 Panel Q​ and A with Hobie Tomlinson, Doug Stewart, David St. George, and Ken Wittekiend
0930–1030 Learn to Turn with Rich Stowell
​     1030–1045 Break
1045–1135 Extended Envelope Training with David St. George
1140–1230 Using Simulation Before Flying with Mike McCurdy
1230–1330 Lunch ​and networking
1330–1340 Objectives of the Breakout Sessions with ​Rich Stowell
1345–1515 Breakout Sessions with all presenters (2 rotations)
​     1515–1530 Break
1530–1600 Day One Wrap-up with Rich Stowell
1800–1930 Dinner at the NACC with AOPA’s Keith West
          Agenda – Day Two
0800–0830 Registration ​and Coffee
0830–0925 Staying on Target with the ACS with Ken Wittekiend
0930–1030 Redbird Training Scenarios with Billy Winburn
     1030–1045 Break
1045–1140 Focused Flight Reviews with David St. George

1145–1230 Wrap-up Comments and on-line ​survey​    Informal networking continues...

SAFE's CFI-PRO™ Inspiration 

​The original inspiration for this program is the 20 year old Orlando FSDO CFI Special Emphasis Program which in ​only two years was able to reduce instructional accidents in their very busy flight district by an astounding 60%. Elevating aviator excellence has a proven effect on safety and ​pilot quality. We want to scale this to ​our entire pilot population ​by improving ​aviation educators (SAFE mission).

SAFE's CFI-PRO™ Clinic - Closing the Gap Between "Good to Great!"

Our 80% drop-out rate in aviation education has become an accepted embarrassment ​accept as "normal" ​rather than fix. A comprehensive AOPA study identified the CFI as the key reason flight students either stay and succeed or abandon their dreams. As in LOC-I,  the aviation educator is the “i​n​flection point” or "influencer" we need to address and improve. This program will include resources to improve your educator effectiveness​ (SAFE Resources) and thus reach every pilot flying.

Join us at AOPA (KFDK) and close the gap between “good to GREAT!” Become a SAFE ​CFI-PRO™

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